Documents and Maps

Over the next two and a half years, the Existing Conditions Report, Land Use Alternatives Report, Draft General Plan, and related documents will be prepared. As the Draft General Plan and related documents are published, they will be posted to this page.

For more information related to past community meetings and workshops, please see the Community Events page on our website. 

Community Vision Statement

The City Council accepted the Community Vision Statement in March 2019. The Community Vision Statement will serve as the cornerstone for development of the updated General Plan Policy Document.

Community Snapshot

A brief Community Snapshot was prepared in June 2018 to summarize key ideas evaluated as part of the Existing Conditions Report. This document can be viewed here

Existing Conditions Report | June 2018 (each file may take a new minutes to download) 

Outreach Summary Reports

Community Presentations

Project Newsletters

Existing Conditions Information

City Documents

Current General Plan (pdf)
2014-2021 Housing Element (pdf)
Current Zoning Map (pdf)
• Old Town La Verne Specific Plan
         Chapters 1-6 (pdf)
         Chapter 7 (pdf)
         Chapter 8-Appendix B (pdf)
Arrow Corridor Specific Plan (pdf)
Rancho Esperanza Specific Plan (pdf)
Foothill Boulevard Specific Plan (pdf)
Lordsburg Specific Plan (pdf)
Puddingstone La Venture Specific Plan (pdf)
Parks and Community Services Master Plan (pdf)